Division 1.1 is redefining the hard rock and heavy metal landscape with amazing new songs that are instantly memorable, lead vocals
that amaze with their range and power, and harmonies like no other metal band. Whether on their new record or live shows, they
reproduce the performance with ripping lead guitar, 7 & 14 string bass guitar like you've never seen, drums that always lock and
pound, soaring keys and a powerhouse show!

D1.1 is the REAL DEAL! Metal redefined, forged in Steel, Tempered by experience- The band will be exploding at a site near you soon.

Division 1.1 is: Rob Middleton- Lead vocals  │  Steve Ratchen- Bass guitar/ keyboards, lead & backing vocals
                        John Barone- Guitars & backing vocals  │  Brian Brennan- Drums & percussion, backing vocals


Having played three decades of music Brian has the experience of both stage & studio. Some of
his influences are Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath, Rush, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Iron
Maiden, Metallica, Megadeath, Queensrych, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Tool, & Pantera just to
name a few. Brian’s kit of choice is the Tama Imperialstar & Zildjian, Paiste, & Sabian cymbals.

  As the singer in the band Rob has a few influences like his mother Eileen (a former honorary original
Mouseketeer), Paul Stanley, Ronnie James Dio, & Phil Anselmo. His experience spans 20 years
performing and fronting several original & cover bands, including 8 records,& opening for several
national headliners such as Ratt, Dokken, & Quiet Riot. Being involved in music, martial arts,
hunting, fishing, health & fitness he lives by his personal quotes, “if you believe in yourself & the
unseen...you can do anything.” And,“life will never be what someone else tells you it’s gonna be!”
  Growing up in NYC John was exposed to everything from disco to death metal. Coming from a
diverse musical background his taste varies from classic rock to today's metal, with 80's hair bands
thrown in the mix. His inspirations also stem from the past and present with bands like; Sabbath,
AC/DC, Rush, Floyd, Priest to Megadeath, Pantera, Overkill, Slayer, Dreamtheater and Disturbed.
John's weapons of choice are Fender & ESP guitars, Boss pedals and Peavey amplification.
  Steve Ratchen has always been unconventional. As the bassist/keyboardist and principle songwriter
for the progressive metal band Alchemy X, Ratchen has been creating music a little left of center for
over two decades.  Both the critically acclaimed “A Delicate Balance” and “11:59:59 albums
prominently feature his unorthodox writing and playing.  Never one to stagnate, Steve also contributed
substantially to the genre-bending band Vyndykator, who’s albums stylistically incorporated elements
of neo-classical, speed, and thrash metal.  Recently, he co-founded the classical/metal TSO-inspired
Wizards of Winter project, who just completed their first season of touring.  Compared to the likes of
Geddy Lee, Jon Myung and Chris Squire, he’s never been content just “laying foundation”.  As a
left-handed player who employs right-handed 7 string basses upside down, Steve brings an extremely
unique perspective to the instrument, and one that has earned him a long standing endorsement with
Conklin guitars, who have just completed building his signature 14-string model.  Steve is quite
honored to join Division 1.1, and very excited to play with this superior outfit as they unleash their
unique sound on the world!

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